Kingdom of Bir Tawil News

9.07.20 The Kingdom of Bir Tawil launches The Job Section of the Government’s official website. Initial vacancies include positions in the military, the kingdom’s construction labour force and the King’s Household Staff.
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8.07.20. The Social Assistance Programme has been launched, providing much needed resources for new citizens of Bir Tawil.
The Social Assistance Fund
Life for Sudanese Refugees within UN Protection Camps in Sudan
Daily Life for Sudanese Refugees in UN Protection Camps in Sudan


The King’s Council, the body of advisors to King Dwain I, have begun drawing up plans to offer citizenship to Sudanese refugees in UN Protection camps. Applications will be free of charge to such refugees and a government support package is being designed to assist new citizens in dire need of resources to make the move to Bir Tawil. Such support is to include assistance with housing and food, water and medical supplies, with educational facilities for school age children.


His Royal Majesty, King Dwain I wishes Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II a very happy birthday and many happy returns. – from one Monarch to another.
13.06.20. Bir Tawil seeks funding from the United Nations to assist in re-locating Sudanese refugees from UN displacement camps into the Kingdom of Bir Tawil.
18.06.20 Armed forces of Bir Tawil opens applications system for new recruits

The Kingdom of Bir Tawil is calling for men and women to serve in the army of Bir Tawil. The citizenship application fee is waived for applicants to the armed forces of the Kingdom. See more

18.06.20 The Immigration Act 2020 has been amended to grant eligibility for citizenship of the Kingdom of Bir Tawil to residents of the Hala’ib Triangle. See more.
King Dwain I offers his condolences to the Kingdom of the Yellow Mountain on the death of Abd al-Ilah bin Abdullah Al Wahib and extends the hand of friendship to Ministers.

King Dwain I offers condolences to the Claimed Kingdom of the Yellow Mountain on the death of their claimed King, Sheik Abd al-Ilah bin Abdullah Al Wahib. His Majesty, Dwain I Of Bir Tawil offers the ministers of the Kingdom of the Yellow mountain the opportunity to serve The Kingdom of Bir Tawil in the development of the state. King Dwain acknowledges the good will and intention of the Kingdom of the Yellow Mountain, but stresses that Bir Tawil must be a haven to all those in need, not only the Arab world; Bir Tawil must be a Kingdom in which the Human Race is United.

18.06.20. Famine in Yemen is having devastating effects. Bir Tawil seeks to support refugees from Yemen.

The Immigration Act 2020 has been amended to include refugees from Yemen amongst those who have priority when applying for citizenship. As a Kingdom of conscience we cannot sit back and watch such suffering effecting so many and not attempt to assist. The Government of Bir Tawil is beseeching the United Nations for urgent funding to assist in absorbing refugees from Yemen into the social fabric of the Kingdom. See more.

20.06.20 The Construction of the King’s Road Connects the Kingdom to the Red Sea solving a water crisis and also solving a dispute that has persisted for over 120 years.
22.06.20 King Dwain I praises the Prince of Wales for his appreciation and gratitude of the Windrush generation in the United Kingdom.