The Monarchy of Bir Tawil

King Dwain I is the current ruling Monarch of Bir Tawil.

CONSTITUTION OF THE SOVEREIGN STATE OF BIR TAWIL _____________________________________________

  1. Hereafter and hereunder, the kingdom of Bir Tawil is hereby established. The office of The Crown is hereby established. The word Crown shall take the meaning of Monarch and the system of Monarchy; the Monarch being the absolute ruler of the kingdom of Bir Tawil.
  2. The Crown hereby takes possession of all of the terra firma encompassed by tppqhe borders of Bir Tawil and the caelum above the terra firma.
  3. The Crown also takes unto itself the power to enter into diplomatic negotiations with other sovereign states outside of Bir Tawil for all issues of state.
  4. The system of government in Bir Tawil is a Monarchy, the first Monarch of Bir Tawil is henceforth King Dwain, 1st of his name.
  5. The line of succession operates by the Crown passing to the next oldest natural child of the outgoing monarch, be it male or female. The Crown shall pass this way in perpetuity. Upon the death or abdication of the existing Monarch, the Crown and all of the trappings and regalia of State shall pass from the former Monarch to the Monarch who has inherited the mantle of the Crown.
  6. The process of abdication shall work by the existing Monarch preparing a written document titled deed of abdication, expressing the fact that the Monarch no longer wishes to reign as the existing monarch. The document should as far as possible set out any reasons as to why the outgoing Monarch was of the view that abdication was the only way ahead. The deed of abdication should be signed by the Monarch who intends to depart from the role of Monarch and the deed should also be signed by two witnesses who observe the Monarch signing the deed.
  7. The Monarch of Bir Tawil is the Supreme legislator, the head of the judiciary and the head of government.
  8. To assist with the running of government the Monarch shall from time to time appoint councillors to serve the Crown in carrying on state business. These councillors shall continue to serve the council until either the death or resignation of the councillor or the reigning Monarch dismisses the councillor from office. The body of advisors advising the King as councillors shall be hereafter referred to as The Council of the King.
  9. The Crown is the Supreme legislator and has the power to draft, implement and amend legislation without hindrance. The Crown may from time to time delegate the power to draft or amend legislation to the Kings Council. The Council of the King always remain beneath the power of the Crown and the Crown always reserve the right to override the Council of The King in relation to any issue whatsoever.
  10. The Monarch reserves the right to amend the constitution by modifying, adding or subtracting to the clauses contained herein from time to time as the Monarch sees fit.

This constitution is hereby set in place by King Dwain I, Lord of Bir Tawil and Protector of the Realm.

Date of latest amendment: 12th May 2020

The Coronation Oath of King Dwain I of Bir Tawil 14.03.20